About us

Tose'e Eghtesad Parsilia Company

Tose'e Eghtesad Parsilia Company is proud to work in the market and industry of our beloved Iran over the past 20 years, which has always had a good performance in supplying goods and products (i.e., furniture, equipment and accessories) from global and domestic markets, constructing of office-commercial-residential buildings, exporting of Iranian products and goods, and continued charity activities throughout the country. With regard to the general policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and considering the importance of the tourism industry in the country's economic growth and private enterprises, this company has begun to take reasonable actions in the construction and equipment of hotels and residential places, and has so far achieved significant developments with valuable experiences in the field.

Tose'e Eghtesad Parsilia Company has always attempted to develop economic activities with logical and systematic returns, and has continuously taken advantage from the innovations and knowledge of the experts in terms of employment and entrepreneurship. One of the main competencies of the company is to adhere to the principles of commerce and modern market science, which improved the efficiency of its operating systems and resulted in obtaining benefits to business owners and partners.